If You Grew Up in the Illinois Valley ... 
original sent by Don Haas
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You know "The Igloo" is not an ice house in Alaska

You know how to polka, but never tried it sober. 
You know what knee-high by the Fourth of July means. 
You know it is traditional for the bride and groom to go bar hopping between the wedding and reception. 

You buy Christmas presents at Farm & Fleet. 
You spent more on beer & liquor than you did on food at your wedding. 
You hear someone use the word 'oof-dah' and you don't break into uncontrollable laughter.. 
You or someone you know was a 'Dairy Princess' or Pork Queen at the county fair. 
You know that 'combine' is a noun. 

You know what Star Union is

You know what Star Union tastes like:

draft, long necks and 7 oz. bottles

You let your older siblings talk you into putting your tongue on a steel post in the middle of winter. 
You think Lutheran and Catholic are THE major religions. 
You know that 'creek' rhymes with 'pick'. 
Football schedules, hunting season, and harvest, are all taken into consideration before wedding dates are set. 
A Friday night date is getting a six-pack and taking your girlfriend down to the river. 
Saturday you go to your local bowling alley ... to set pins 

You have driven your car on a lake. 
Every wedding dance you have ever been to has the hokey pokey and the chicken dance.. 
Your definition of a small town is one that only has one bar. 

(Well that ain't Utica!)
The local gas station sells live bait. 

You think that the start of duck/deer season is a national holiday. 
Your house was built with Maze lumber, and put together with Maze Nails (and some corn) 

You have referred to the Carus Mansion as "the old building next to the chemical company" 
You have ever detasseled corn,

and made out with a couple of the young detasselers 
...if you know why farmers switch between corn and soybeans in the fields 
... If Al from Fridays was pouring you beers when you were 17 
...if you've ever won some kind of meat product on a tip board 
You call Tortellini "Ravs" 
...if you order your sandwiches with the "works" 

...If you waited on the Shippingsport Bridge for a barge to pass. (new)
...if you remember when Peru Mall had a fountain in the center. 
You had an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend from every high school in LaSalle, Bureau, and Putnam Counties
...if you know what is meant by the "Valley Curves" 
...if you order your chicken as "quarter dark". 
You don't think anything about the slag piles.

... if you ever parked behind Herky’s Hill North of LaSalle

You have been to “split rock”

... if you swam at Black Hawk beach in Ottawa

... if you partied at the Stables or Diamond Horse Shoe

If you ever got drunk with Don Byczynski

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