LaSalle-Peru Township High School   


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Classmates, Alumni and Friends


  L-P Class of 1953


Classmates known to be deceased, grouped by reunion event

10th Reunion 20th Reunion 36th Reunion
Robert Elliott
Mary Cheechin
Virgil Charles Shelley, Jr. (PFC, USMC, KIA Korea, 3 July 1952, East Lawn Cemetery, Urbana, IL)
Donna Bubelis
Shirley Murtaugh Raccuglia
Barbara Close Fredricksen
M. Eileen Dooley Jagodzinski
Peggy Grove Schweickert
Jean Hammerich Kaskey
Diane Mason Hess
George Rice
James Sittler
40th Reunion 45th Reunion 50th Reunion
Robert Argubright
Tamasa Atitlan
Raymond Boehm
Caryl Evans
Raymond Feurer
Dan Kelly
Marilyn Metzler Fupler
Robert Rydleski
Ramona Slater Harris
Richard Spriet
Mary Delores (Dooley) Walter
Barbara (Daniel) Wentzel
Doris Bedenko Hallett
Kenneth Clark
Rita (Grimshaw) Wisgowski
Reta (Kerp) Lemler
Karl Heuttemann
Raymond Jacobowski
James Jagodzinski
David Leschewski
Helen McMillan Strickland
Frank Novitske
Leonard Postula
Ludwig Reeland
June Rose Eiten
Joan Sassenberg Webster
Ernest Sobkowiak
Ronald Tomaszewski
Don Trempalla
Mary Ann Favrin Butler
Joseph Gianino
Amelia Groleau Freihoefer
James Guenther
Darlene Kossow
Janet Locke Sale
Nelson Scriba
Doris Shirley Hunt
Rita Trost Sparling
Donald Weger
Alfred Whittington
Kenneth Znaniecki

Since 50th Reunion Since 55th Reunion Since the 60th Reunion
Shirley Amsberg Harlow
Dolores Bernardi Nevitt
Joyce (Baer) White
Joan Cattaneo O'Brien
John L. Cobb
Wilfred Crane
Enid Garner Johnson  
Judith Hallett Taylor
Ted Hipple
Theresa (Hohlman) Becker
Robert (Eto) Keenan
LeRoy Means
Marilyn Menning Conway
Jacqueline "Mickey" (Piletic) Miller
Earl Mohr
Richard Nawa
Bill Ruppert
Nancy (Trillet) Ceresa
Mary Helen (Young) Olmstead
Shirley (Hyson) Peoplis
Doris (Dufour) Olszewski
Arthur Tadych
Gerald "Jerry" Weiden
Wayne H. Werts
Harold F. "Smokey" Wrona

Marie Alonso Ernst
Bernice Austin Splittstoesse
Kenneth A. Baum
Don "Buzz" Byczynski

Art Gatza
Kay Constantine Keenan
James G. Fenoglio
Carol Lamboley Kleiber
Joan Monahan Klabel
Eleanor Mills Neave
Tony Nolasco
Jack O'Brien
Carol Piscitelli
Ron Senica
Carol Busgen Merriman
Carol Jean Lijewski Turinetti
Norman Taylor
Jack Taylor
Lorraine Watts Hultman





I read of a man who stood to speak
At the funeral of a friend.
He referred to the dates on her tombstone
From the beginning to the end.

He noted that first came the date of her birth
And spoke of the following date with tears,
But he said what mattered most of all
Was the dash between those years.

For that dash represents all the time
That she spent alive on earth
And now only those who loved her
Know what that little line is worth.

For it matters not, how much we own,
The cars, the house, the cash,
What matters is how we live and love
And how we spend our dash.

So think about this long and hard;
Are there things you’d like to change?
For you never know how much time is left
That can still be rearranged.

If we could just slow down enough
To consider what’s true and real
And always try to understand
The way other people feel.

And be less quick to anger
And show appreciation more
And love the people in our lives
Like we’ve never loved before.

If we treat each other with respect
And more often wear a smile,
Remembering that this special dash
Might only last a little while.

So when your eulogy is being read
With your life’s actions to rehash
Would you be proud of the things they say
About how you spent your dash?

© 1996 Linda Ellis











Bill Brady (Reported Prior Death)
Marlene Broviak
Darwin Croisant
Audrey Johnson Graper
Robert "Bob" Hardy

Jerry "Jesse" James
Kenneth Jurkas
Betty Merriman Kmieciak
 - (Reported Prior Death)
Jean Sullivan Koehler
Betsy Smith Mattioa
George Renkosik
Delmar Rynkewicz
Barbara Gumunsk Yanush



"For the hour is coming, in which all that are in the graves shall hear His voice, and shall come forth; they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life;...."
-- John 5:28-29